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Many Virginians, including those serving in the military and those who will not be in their county on Election Day due to vacation or work obligations, can vote in the June 23rd Republican Primary from the safety of their home using an absentee ballot.

Others May Also Qualify. Additional Information Can Be Found Below.

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Who Can Vote Absentee?

You Are an Active Duty Member of the Armed Forces or Merchant Marine (Or the Spouse of an Active Duty Member).

You Are a Student (Or the Spouse of a Student) Attending College or University Outside of Your Virginia Locality.

You Have Business Outside Your County/City of Residence on Election Day.

You Have Personal Business or Vacation Outside County/City of Residence on Election Day.

You Are Working and Commuting To/From Home for 11 or More Hours Between 6am and 7pm on Election Day.

You Are a First Responder (Member of Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter, Emergency Technician, Search and Rescue).

You Have a Disability or Illness.

You Are Primarily and Personally Responsible for the Care of a Disabled/Ill Family Member Confined at Home.

You Are Pregnant.

You Are Confined, and Awaiting Trial, or Convicted of a Misdemeanor.

You Are an Electoral Board Member, Registrar, Officer of Election, or Custodian of Voting Equipment.

You Have a Religious Obligation That Prevents You From Voting on Election Day.

You Are Temporarily Residing Outside of the US.

You Are an Authorized Representative of Candidate or Party Serving Inside the Polling Place.

You Have Been Granted a Protective Order by a Court.

Daniel Gade needs your vote in the Republican Primary on June 23rd to ensure he will be the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate this year. Stand with Daniel Gade, and together, we will elect a Constitutional Conservative who will work with President Trump to keep Americans safe and revive our economy!